When using filezilla on Windows, literally I tried connection many times/ways and it didn’t work. I ended up being banned by fail2ban/firewall. Rebooting the vps didn’t help. Hence, I needed to manually un-ban myself.

It actually happened again, so I think it’s time for writting it here in case others folks have same issue.

My steps:

  1. First, I tried to confirm if my IP was blocked, and this command shows list of IPs current blocked/ban: sudo iptables -L -n
  2. Find public ip address. I was not sure what my public IP address was, so In computer where I do ssh access, Google for the following to obtain public address (currently blocked by firewall/fail2ban):     my public ip address
  3. Find the jail name. I was not aware how to do this, but in fail2ban.org site documentation I found this command which lists all current jails:  sudo fail2ban-client status
  4. With information from point 1 and 3, I ran the following command to un-ban my ipaddress:  sudo fail2ban-client set sshd unbanip 999.999.999.999
  5. Try ssh access and it worked this time.

For sure I will come back to this guide :p